Tube for LOLs

Sandy Craig flexes his Freedom Pass and blogs his way round the London Underground. Alphabetically. Using the December 2012 Tube map as his sacred text he’s going to visit all 370-ish stations. He’ll stop off and mooch at random around their neighbourhoods. And he’ll do all this by the end of 2013. He hopes. Is this a voyage of discovery, outer or inner? Or plain craziness? A quest, perhaps, or just something to stop the brain from softening? Sociological research, factoid fracking or an opportunity for everyday ranting? A marathon trip down memory lane or a sackful of impressions that don’t amount to a hill of beans? Or, perish the thought, a never-ending series of questions?

Sandy Craig



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Mac (@Moustachology)

    … addendum, there companion pieces to accompany your journey (yes, I’ve read at least three books in my life)

    1. Tunnel Visions by Christopher Ross. Loved this. Subtitled “Journeys of an Underground Philosopher.”
    2. The Narrow Road To The Deep North. Matsuo Basho. Admittedly, t’was you who put me onto this well over a decade ago.
    3. The Art of Travel. Alain De Botton. A bit poncy, but still solid in places.



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