Tube map used with the kind permission of Transport for London.

Tube map used with the kind permission of Transport for London.

Click on map to enlarge. Click again to enlarge further. On double enlargement use scroll bars at side and bottom to move around. To return to original size map, and select other pages, use Back Space.

Use Station Index Page or Grid references in Posts to find stations on map.


For an extra bit of fun why not follow this link: – but please remember to come back to TubeforLOLs!

The link shows the little yellow blobs of the tube trains going round the tube network in real time. The lines are the same colours as in the map above. One or two lines of the Tube are missing including, alas, the Overground, so it doesn’t go to Forest Hill. (I understand that that information isn’t available from TfL.) So, when you’ve got that hour or so to spare, you can follow me (in your imagination) on the post The Good, the Bad and the Missing Post from Canada Water on the Jubilee line to Bond Street where I change to the Central line west to Holland Park. Then back east on the Central line to Oxford Circus, change to the Victoria line northwards to King’s Cross St Pancras, then on to the Piccadilly line two stops north … And so on (but no Overground nor Hammersmith & City line west of Liverpool Street, nor DLR).




3 thoughts on “Map

  1. mm

    Potential follow-ups for the next few years:
    1. Counties of England (Britain? And Ireland?)
    2. Might be more manageable if you focused on county towns, but think of the many much more interesting paces you’d miss
    3. Premier League stadiums (stadia?) Or, much more interesting, League Two “stadiums” aka “grounds”
    4. American states (Alabama to Wyoming)
    5. Canadian provinces (Alberta to Saskatchewan, I live in one). Stay away from the northern territories, they don`t get very warm even in summer, the geography is too big.
    The potential is stunning. You`ll have to stay healthy well into your 100s (no apostrophe needed). Terrific project, stay curious, I envy your Freepass. Maybe I`ll borrow it when we come over in a few weeks.

  2. sandycraig2013 Post author

    Thank you for this suite of maps. The first one, the Circular One, is increasingly my favourite as my journeys seem more and more circular. And I have taken the statistics on the Life Expectancy map and am investing in a small flat near Oxford Circus where I hope to live to be 96.


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