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My Life As A Chameleon (76/80)

Post 76 of 80. Friday 22 November  – West India Quay (Square D7 on the Tube map), West Kensington (D3), Westminster (D4), West Ruislip (A1)

I’ve been asked many times, Why do you do no research beforehand about the Tube stations and places you’re about to visit? Surely that’s a recipe for disaster or, at least, for missing what is important, unusual, beautiful about those places? My answer is simple – since importance, rarity and beauty are in the eyes of the beholder, I don’t want to see those places through the eyes of others. As far as is possible, I want to see them afresh, new, as though this was the very first time human eyes had been clapped upon them. And, as much as possible, I wish to leave whatever happens to chance. But how much are seeing afresh and random happenings possible?   Continue reading

This Is The Modern World (75/80)

Post 75 of 80. Tuesday 19 November  – Westferry (Square D7 on the Tube map), West Finchley (A5), West Ham (C8), West Hampstead (B4), West Harrow (B2)

I step out of Gingerbread Cottage early and breakfast-less for today’s assault on London. By Jove, it’s cold! That wind is Arktik! Rounding the corner into Sydenham Park Road (there’s no Sydenham Park, by the way) I come across a traffic jam in Dartmouth Road heading towards the South Circular: it’s a supersnarlyhootilisticexpleetayalatrocious snarl-up! Less of the outrageously long words, snarls The Inner Curmudgeon. Otherwise we’ll never get through this post. Feeling something like the Israelites must have done when crossing the Red Sea, I shoulder my way past the boils and whirls malarking on the pavement on their way to skool.   Continue reading

Fear and Loathing in Dollis Hill (24/80)

Thursday 11 April  – Denmark Hill (Square F5 on the Tube map), Deptford Bridge (E7), Devons Road (C7), Dollis Hill (B3)

Today is special. Well, special as in ‘different’. Today I’m journeying with my friend, Nick, the mastermind behind untold Panorama and World in Action exposés. He’s got that war reporter’s glint in his eye and a Canon Powershot G7 camera festooned around his neck. He will, Cartier-Bresson-like, record my every step and comfort stop.

It will be his photos – including photos of Mr TubeforLOLs – in this post. So, special as in ‘treat’ for you, dear reader! Well, maybe not. But definitely special as in different. First photo coming up …  Continue reading

A Jiggle of School-children, No Way to the Top, The Thing, the Lost Station, an Idling of Bicycles (16/80)

Tuesday 5 March – Canada Water (D7), Canary Wharf (D7), Canning Town (D8), Cannon Street (D6), Canonbury (B7) 

It’s a beautiful morning with the promise of more to come. I’ve got grand ambitions for the day. I’m hoping I can bag seven stations. The first three, Canada Water, Canary Wharf and Canning Town, are one stop and two stops apart on the Jubilee Line. I’ll be able to visit them before lunch.

I’m at Forest Hill at ten to ten.

There’s a black woman, smartly dressed, opposite me on the Overground. She’s about thirty years old, a professional I’d guess, something legal or accountancy. She’s got a book open on her lap, with a Metro folded around it so that no-one can read the title. But the Metro slips from her lap coming into Surrey Quays …   Continue reading