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My Life As A Chameleon (76/80)

Post 76 of 80. Friday 22 November  – West India Quay (Square D7 on the Tube map), West Kensington (D3), Westminster (D4), West Ruislip (A1)

I’ve been asked many times, Why do you do no research beforehand about the Tube stations and places you’re about to visit? Surely that’s a recipe for disaster or, at least, for missing what is important, unusual, beautiful about those places? My answer is simple – since importance, rarity and beauty are in the eyes of the beholder, I don’t want to see those places through the eyes of others. As far as is possible, I want to see them afresh, new, as though this was the very first time human eyes had been clapped upon them. And, as much as possible, I wish to leave whatever happens to chance. But how much are seeing afresh and random happenings possible?   Continue reading

Tilting At Windmills (65/80)

Monday 30 September  – Stockwell (Square F5 on the Tube map), Stonebridge Park (B3), Stratford (B8), Stratford High Street (C8), Stratford International (B8)

We humans often project our inner feelings and passions onto the outside world believing what we see to be inherent in the world rather than merely shadow-plays of our own making. But, do I sense a certain weariness out there amongst you, Dear Readers, at the apparently never-ending tedium and foolishness of TubeforLOLs? Have no fear! Take heart! We are on the home stretch and the pointlessness you are experiencing is but a pale reflection –

Oh! Put at stopper in it! snarls The Inner Curmudgeon. Our apologies, Dear Readers – he continues – but Mr Craig is reading Don Quixote. The Wee Prof and I will try to cut short his waffling.   Continue reading

Here Be No Dragons! (64/80)

Friday 27 September  – South Woodford (Square A8 on the Tube map), Stamford Brook (D2), Stanmore (A3), Star Lane (C8), Stepney Green (C7)

I think I may have got it wrong last post when I said that travel broadens the mind. That was a wild over-generalisation. Sometimes travel bores. Sometimes it’s dreary. Sometimes it is merely a particularly wearisome version of trainspotting. Epiphanies, as at South Wimbledon, are like plums in a Tesco Value Plum Pudding – infrequent and, as you crunch on a shard of unremoved plum-stone, likely to break your teeth. But, apart from extra dental fees, there isn’t even any real danger, any derring-do, any chest-thumping Tarzan stuff to enliven the TubeforLOLs itinerary. Still … I’m pretty sure I haven’t been to any of today’s stations before. That would be something: a TubeforLOLs day visiting chunks of terra incognita scattered wildly across London! Perhaps, even, slaying dragons!

You’re fooling yourself Craig, sneers The Inner Curmudgeon. You? A slayer of dragons! Pooff! The gust of his laughter almost knocks me sideways.   Continue reading