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Murkier Mistical Tour / Curmudgeons Ahoy! (79/80)

Post 79 of 80. Wednesday 11 December (11/12/13) – Woodgrange Park (Square C9 on the Tube map), Wood Green (A6), Wood Lane (D3), Woodside Park (C9)

I get to Forest Hill station almost two hours later than I’d planned earlier this morning. I catch the 10.49 a.m. Overground northwards. There are a number of silver linings – the heavy murky blanket of mist is lifting, the sun is coming through, the air is fresh, the Albion Millennium Green looks splendid – all in all, the makings of a perfect winter’s day. Plus this is the last consecutively-numbered day now for ninety years – how mystical-mathematical is that!

Mist lifting over the Albion Millennium Green. 'Labyrinth' by Maria Strutz in the foreground.

Mist lifting over the Albion Millennium Green. ‘Labyrinth’ by Maria Strutz in the foreground.

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Bewitched in Plaistow, Spellbound in Poplar (55/80)

Friday 23 August – Perivale (Square C1 on the Tube map), Piccadilly Circus (D5), Pimlico (E4), Pinner (A2), Plaistow (C8), Pontoon Dock (D9), Poplar (D7)

I see many different Londons on my travels today, many barely-overlapping Lunduns. By the time I get back to Forest Hill I’ve noted some 22 – the bankers’ couldn’t-care-less city, a splinter of downtown industrial Turkey city, the cramped paranoid behind-city-walls city of Shakespeare, the visionary heaven-and-hell city of Blake. Lunduns of suburban dog-walkers, it’s-only-a-movie tourists and absentee safe-haven investors. Lunduners living on both sides of the tracks. Betjeman’s up-dated metro-land of the zimmer and tequila sunrise. Conrad’s Heart of Darkness Lundun of gypsies, genies and demonic possession. The chill-out Friday-afternoon Parklife London and the yin-yang London of the Tao. Then there’s the city of alligators and the Biblical sea-monster Leviathan. Beware all ye who enter here …   Continue reading

Labyrinths (49/80)

Monday 29 July – Marble Arch (Square C4 on the Tube map), Marylebone (C4), Mile End (C7), Mill Hill East (A5), Monument (D6), Moorgate (C6), Moor Park (A2)

I’m walking through the Albion Millennium Green on my way to Forest Hill station. It’s been three months since the LEAF festival (see post The Walrus and the Curmudgeon) but one of the installations, Labyrinth by Maria Strutz, remains – though a little the worse for wear. It’s a walkable sculpture with pebbles, stones and twigs marking the pathways of a maze.

Whenever I’m not in a hurry, I pause and muse, spend the time of day with it. It’s a friendly labyrinth, unlike some. I’ve always been fascinated by labyrinths – the labyrinths of time, of myth, of memory, of life – and their patterning, their ritual and repetition. But for the first time the thought breaks through the labyrinth of my frontal cortex – is TubeforLOLs a labyrinth? Will I defeat the minotaur at the centre, will I find the one route out? Or will I be like Ben Gunn, marooned on Treasure Island, aching for parmesan cheese?   Continue reading