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Happy Talk (74/80)

Post 74 of 80. Wednesday 13 November  – Westbourne Park (Square C3 on the Tube map), West Brompton (D3), West Croydon (F6)

I’m viewing today as an amiable chunter around the Tube network, a day-trip to the seaside or country, if you like, except that I’ll gain not so much as a faraway glimpse of either the briny breakers or the beginning of the middle of nowhere. I’m tempted to take my AA Book Of The Seaside (First Edition, 1972) with me. As Don Quixote found, feasting on tales of chivalry is as good as, if not better than, doing the actual chivalry-business itself. But first I am using the excuse of Westbourne Park to visit nearby Golborne Road, one of my favourite London haunts. It gets better …   Continue reading

Sweetly the Valley Thrushes Sing (45/80)

Thursday 20 June – Knightsbridge (Square D4 on the Tube map), Ladbroke Grove (C3), Lambeth North (E5), Lancaster Gate (C4), Langdon Park (C7)

I have reached the mid-way point in this ‘brilliant/absurd quest/challenge’ of mine. 184 stations visited, 184 stations yet to be graced by the shadow of Mr TubeforLOLs. I feel a little like the hill-walker in Norman MacCaig’s poem Descent from the Green Corrie. As well as being one of Scotland’s finest poets, MacCaig, was an enthusiastic angler and one of his favourite haunts was a lochan perched on a saddle in the middle of the ancient sugar-loaf mountains of Assynt in the far north west of Scotland. It’s become an ambition/dream of mine to get to the Green Corrie. Twice I’ve tried to get there, twice I haven’t managed it.

In his poem, MacCaig writes: ‘The climb’s all right, it’s the descent that kills you / However sweetly the valley thrushes sing’. And, as all mountaineers know, you haven’t climbed the mountain until you return to base. Will TubeforLOLs be like my attempts on the Green Corrie? Will I stumble somewhere between Penge West and Perivale? South Ruislip and South Tottenham? Will 1st January 2014 see me begin again, a second attempt, at Abbey Road? Continue reading