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They Shoot Sofas, Don’t They? (77/80)

Post 77 of 80. Thursday 28 November  – West Silvertown (Square D9 on the Tube map), Whitechapel (C7), White City (C3), Willesden Green (B4)

Ignoring the final journey, which will be a purely processional affair to Mornington Crescent (via Woolwich Arsenal) for the The LOL-OSCARS Gala Awards Evening, this is the third last trek of this legendary absurd quest. Perhaps, despite the uniform-grey day, I’m touched a little by gate-fever? Perhaps I have premonitions that there could be late entries to the short-lists for the LOL-OSCAR categories of Snarliest Snarl-Up, Mankiest Manor, Gob-Smacker Neighbourhoods, The Golden Panini Award for most Lolastic Lunch-Stop and – certainly – for Unexpected Encounters? A glance at the Tube map confirms that Tedious Tubing will not feature today.   Continue reading

Wish You Were Here (30/80)

Thursday 25 April  – Emirates Greenwich Peninsula (Square D8 on the Tube map), Emirates Royal Docks (E8)

Dear Readers, I give you fair warning that this post is, as near as makes no difference, one hundred per cent pure sap, soppiness, sentimentality and self-indulgence. There is little, if any, of the intellectual sinew (gristle, some would say) of my normal posts. It is a (mainly) Curmudgeon-free zone. The chiaroscuro of light and shade, that trademark shock and awe alternating with comedy and slapstick, which dapples my other posts is absent. Gibbering and drivelling are the order of the day. How come?   Continue reading