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Murkier Mistical Tour / Curmudgeons Ahoy! (79/80)

Post 79 of 80. Wednesday 11 December (11/12/13) – Woodgrange Park (Square C9 on the Tube map), Wood Green (A6), Wood Lane (D3), Woodside Park (C9)

I get to Forest Hill station almost two hours later than I’d planned earlier this morning. I catch the 10.49 a.m. Overground northwards. There are a number of silver linings – the heavy murky blanket of mist is lifting, the sun is coming through, the air is fresh, the Albion Millennium Green looks splendid – all in all, the makings of a perfect winter’s day. Plus this is the last consecutively-numbered day now for ninety years – how mystical-mathematical is that!

Mist lifting over the Albion Millennium Green. 'Labyrinth' by Maria Strutz in the foreground.

Mist lifting over the Albion Millennium Green. ‘Labyrinth’ by Maria Strutz in the foreground.

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Around The Tube In Eighty Posts (59/80)

Wednesday 4 September  – Rotherhithe (Square D7 on the Tube map), Royal Albert (D9), Royal Oak (C3), Royal Victoria (D8), Ruislip (A1)

‘Ah-ha!’ I hear my readers – from Catford, South London via Manila in the Philippines to Sackville, New Brunswick – say over their morning breakfast, their toast poised ‘twixt plate and mouth. ‘All becomes clear. Mr TubeforLOLs  is modelling himself on Jules Verne’s Phileas Fogg. Hmm, The Wee Professor must be Fogg’s manservant, Passepartout. But The Inner Curmudgeon? Could he be Fix the detective who mistakenly takes Fogg for a bank-robber?’

Then those Verne-fans amongst you will remember that the Maestro initially published Eighty Days in serial form with the final episode hitting the streets on 21 December 1872, the same date that Fogg was due to return to London. And that many people reading the fictional serial thought that the journey was actually taking place …

And then, toast still mid-transit, the thought creeps up behind you cudgel in hand: perhaps Mr TubeforLOLs is doing the reverse of Phileas Fogg? Perhaps he is not really tubing around London but only sitting in front of his computer picking photos off the internet and spinning yarns? Perhaps all of this TubeforLOLs, all of it not the obvious fictional three-quarters, is stuff and nonsense …   Continue reading