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We’ll Go No More A-Roving

Post 80 of 80. Woolwich Arsenal (Square E9 on the Tube map), Mornington Crescent (B5)

Only one and a half stations today, but this is no cut-down post. There’s fun and games to the end: The Wee Professor gives you the full statistics (well, obviously not the full statistics – that would take far too long) of this absurd and pointless quest, The Inner Curmudgeon has agreed to release what he’s calling ‘the headlines’ of The Seven Habits Of Highly Successful Curmudgeons and the winners of The TubeforLOLs’ Awards are announced.   Continue reading

Fear and Loathing in Dollis Hill (24/80)

Thursday 11 April  – Denmark Hill (Square F5 on the Tube map), Deptford Bridge (E7), Devons Road (C7), Dollis Hill (B3)

Today is special. Well, special as in ‘different’. Today I’m journeying with my friend, Nick, the mastermind behind untold Panorama and World in Action exposés. He’s got that war reporter’s glint in his eye and a Canon Powershot G7 camera festooned around his neck. He will, Cartier-Bresson-like, record my every step and comfort stop.

It will be his photos – including photos of Mr TubeforLOLs – in this post. So, special as in ‘treat’ for you, dear reader! Well, maybe not. But definitely special as in different. First photo coming up …  Continue reading