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They Shoot Sofas, Don’t They? (77/80)

Post 77 of 80. Thursday 28 November  – West Silvertown (Square D9 on the Tube map), Whitechapel (C7), White City (C3), Willesden Green (B4)

Ignoring the final journey, which will be a purely processional affair to Mornington Crescent (via Woolwich Arsenal) for the The LOL-OSCARS Gala Awards Evening, this is the third last trek of this legendary absurd quest. Perhaps, despite the uniform-grey day, I’m touched a little by gate-fever? Perhaps I have premonitions that there could be late entries to the short-lists for the LOL-OSCAR categories of Snarliest Snarl-Up, Mankiest Manor, Gob-Smacker Neighbourhoods, The Golden Panini Award for most Lolastic Lunch-Stop and – certainly – for Unexpected Encounters? A glance at the Tube map confirms that Tedious Tubing will not feature today.   Continue reading

A Martian in Lundun (48/80)

Friday 26 July – London City Airport (Square E9 on the Tube map), Loughton (A8), Maida Vale (C3), Manor House (B6), Mansion House (D5)

Mr TubeforLOLs has been on holiday. Like a butterfly squeezing out of its cocoon, he was transmuted into Mr HolsforLOLs. For two weeks he vacationed in the village of Opoul nestling on the southern side of the Corbieres. Swifts darted and martins fed their young under the eaves of the village’s houses. Boulangerie, épicerie and bar/eaterie were but a stroll away. The blushful hippocrene with beaded bubbles winked in the glass.

Above the village, the ruins of an ancient castle baked in the sun. The scents of rosemary, thyme and juniper filled the air. Butterflies – swallow-tails, white admirals, cleopatras, black satyrs, gatekeepers – danced in the air. A buzzard circled high in the thermals. The Mediterranean glistened in the distance. The thunder-capped Canigou rose blue on blue in the heat haze like a painting by Hiroshige. The cicadas kicked up a tinnitus to rival ten thousand dentists’ drills around the clock.

Would Mr TubeforLOLs be able to get back into harness after so long off the rails? Could he face the first of another 174 tube stations?   Continue reading