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No Direction Home (78/80)

Post 78 of 80. Wednesday 4 December – Willesden Junction (Square B3 on the Tube map), Wimbledon (F3), Wimbledon Park (E3), Woodford (A8)

You would have thought, after all the crazy stuff that TubeforLOLs has thrown at me, that it would be plain sailing from now on in. I should be so lucky! The latest upsets are courtesy of The Inner Curmudgeon: he’s taken to instructing me on writing. Your jokes are getting out of hand, he cudgels. Jokes should be like salt on roast meat – a pinch to bring out the savour, not scattered like hundreds and thousands over a Gregg’s cup-cake.

Hmm! At least I’ve got my friend, Nick, accompanying me on this post. He’ll provide the necessary uplifting corrective to The IC. Nick gives a little cough. Sandy, he says gently, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about your photographic skills …   Continue reading

My Life As A Chameleon (76/80)

Post 76 of 80. Friday 22 November  – West India Quay (Square D7 on the Tube map), West Kensington (D3), Westminster (D4), West Ruislip (A1)

I’ve been asked many times, Why do you do no research beforehand about the Tube stations and places you’re about to visit? Surely that’s a recipe for disaster or, at least, for missing what is important, unusual, beautiful about those places? My answer is simple – since importance, rarity and beauty are in the eyes of the beholder, I don’t want to see those places through the eyes of others. As far as is possible, I want to see them afresh, new, as though this was the very first time human eyes had been clapped upon them. And, as much as possible, I wish to leave whatever happens to chance. But how much are seeing afresh and random happenings possible?   Continue reading

Five Views Of Shangri-La (Shaddap you face!) (73/80)

Post 73 of 80. Thursday 7 November  – Watford High Street (Square A3 on the Tube map), Watford Junction (A3), Wembley Central (B3), Wembley Park (B3), West Acton (C2)

The Inner Curmudgeon and The Wee Professor have kept me up half the night with their incessant bickering over The TubeforLOLs Awards – The LOL-OSCARS. [Click on AWARDS page for details] ‘Bickering’ is the wrong word: The IC has been shouting and throwing pots and pans at the furniture, The WP has kept an impenetrable – and extremely annoying – reserve. And we haven’t even got to the LOL-OSCARS short-lists yet; they’re arguing over the categories – The IC insists on ‘half-dozen, max!’, The WP’s list stretches to more than forty …

Ah! Shaddap you face! snarls The IC at me, We-a kissed and made-a up, so Getta on witha you post. (Hey!)

Huh?! The IC doing references to Popular Culture!   Continue reading

Of Beauty, Change and Loss (67/80)

Tuesday 8 October  – Temple (Square D5 on the Tube map), Theydon Bois (A8), Tooting Bec (F4), Tooting Broadway (F4), Tottenham Court Road (C5)

It’s a glorious autumn day but I really don’t want to go out. My muscles are aching from my recent over-strenuous gardening but that’s only a part of it. It’s more that I really really don’t want to drag my carcass around the Tube. Not today, not this week, not this year. Come on! I’ve visited over three hundred stations. What more is there to discover about London and its neighbourhoods? Surely I’ve run the gamut of human emotion – or as much of it as I’m going to run?

It’s his own stupid fault, Dear Readers, The Inner Curmudgeon chips in. And it’s not the first time. He’s a serial offender. ‘Over-strenuous gardening’! My Giddy Aunt!   Continue reading

Rivers of Babylon (51/80)

Monday 12 August – New Cross Gate (Square E6 on the Tube map), North Acton (C2), North Ealing (C2), Northfields (D1), North Greenwich (D8), North Harrow (E7)

It’s another warm, sunny day. Maria has repaired her Labyrinth on the Albion Millennium Green. The pet food manufacturer is making canned fish mush for cats. It smells disgusting. The guys at the skip depot are banging skips on top of each other – a cloud of builder’s dust shrouds the railway path. Just another normal day at Forest Hill.

My elation and sense of achievement at reaching Mornington Crescent (see last post, I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue) have dissipated, disappeared, gone. They’re toast, history, late. I imagine this is how my name-sake, Alexander the Great, must have felt after conquering the Persian Empire. At least Alexander had India ahead of him. I’ve got to make do with New Cross Gate.   Continue reading