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My Life As A Chameleon (76/80)

Post 76 of 80. Friday 22 November  – West India Quay (Square D7 on the Tube map), West Kensington (D3), Westminster (D4), West Ruislip (A1)

I’ve been asked many times, Why do you do no research beforehand about the Tube stations and places you’re about to visit? Surely that’s a recipe for disaster or, at least, for missing what is important, unusual, beautiful about those places? My answer is simple – since importance, rarity and beauty are in the eyes of the beholder, I don’t want to see those places through the eyes of others. As far as is possible, I want to see them afresh, new, as though this was the very first time human eyes had been clapped upon them. And, as much as possible, I wish to leave whatever happens to chance. But how much are seeing afresh and random happenings possible?   Continue reading

Ah Memory – You Disobedient Dog! (70/80)

Post 70 of 80. Tuesday 29 October  – Upper Holloway (Square B6 on the Tube map), Upton Park (C8), Uxbridge (A1), Vauxhall (E4), Victoria (D4)

I can’t believe it: a Tube station here! Over the past forty years I’ve passed this way countless times (as in ‘I can’t remember how many times’) mainly by car, sometimes on foot and, perhaps, a couple of times by bus. And I’ve never known there was a station here. I’m gob-smacked. Or, as I used to say when but a callow youth – my gast is flabbered.   Continue reading